ShenZhen Krisvision Digital Tenchnology Group Inc
About US
2014  3D+1 Engine revolutionizes  our product Interfaces for better user operations, Full-functional Cloud Service links fans all over the world through the net for more user  interactions, and new machine structure changes the former product outlook for freer user experiences.
2013  In&On has gained a new development! Over ten years’ domestic developing,  Krisvision have refreshed our R&D ways and   marketing channels and renewed our modes in  domestic exhibition participation. Meanwhile, the steady increase of new foreign language  karaoke systems has multiplied our number of  export customers from over ten countries and laid a solid foundation for our global integration in the future!
2012  enter into home karaoke entertainment market;
2011  Lead the fashion of digital products in China; Setup the brand “InAndOn”, open the HD 3D digital time
2010  We create the 3D VOD time;
2009  Our total sales volume is over 1,000,000 sets;800V3—thefirst VOD machine with intelligent deletion was developed;
2008  800G—our first full-functional HD VOD machine was developed;
2007  Handwriting technology was applied on“BESTSOUND” products; 800V—our first VOD machine with CE certification was developed;
2006  Touch screen technology was applied on “BESTSOUND” products;
2005  over 20 offices all over the country; 800V—our first embedded VOD machinesupporting dual hard disks was developed;
2004  A—our first dual-screen VOD machine with DVD function was developed;
2003  Krisvision Digital was founded in Shenzhen and initiated the brand “BESTSOUND”;
2000  The first embedded VOD machine was launched in Mainland China;ur parent company was founded in Taibei;
1991  The parent company in Taipei was established in nineteen seventies Cara OK was born;